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Default Armageddon

(sorry should have noticed all that in my copy & paste above and cut the last bit out - too late to edit now and always what happens when one is in a hurry)

Almost everyone has heard of Armageddon and equate it with the end of the world. It is the Greek version of the name of an ancient settlement of Megiddo In Northern Israel but few know of its history. It was founded around 7000BC. Although relatively untouched the archaeology of this place which has been undertaken for almost a hundred years remains unpublished. But there is ample evidence for what has happened here.

Around 1450BC the Ancient Egyptians recorded in more detail than ever before a battle there. It was conducted by the Pharaoh Tuthmosis 111 (at the time of Moses as it happens) and enabled him to control the whole of Palestine. Although there is no Archaeological or contemporary written evidence evidence of Moses and the Israelites taking over the country, it is interesting that Tuthmosis 111 is accompanied by the first mention of ’Hebrews’ (haibrw) . This is from wiki

“ The Egyptian inscriptions of the campaign on the Temple of Karnak come from a daily journal kept by the scribe Tjaneni during the campaign. In the Egyptian account Thutmose III gathered an army of chariots and infantry that numbered between ten and twenty thousand men As the Egyptians mustered their forces the king of Kadesh gathered many tribal chieftains from Syria, Aram and Canaan around him, estimated at between ten and fifteen thousand, entered Megiddo…..The army leaders pleaded with him not to take the difficult road but to take either of the two easier roads. Instead, with information from the scouts, Thutmose III decided to take the direct path to Megiddo. He believed that if his generals advised him to take the easy route, then his enemy would assume he would do so, so he decided to do the unexpected….. To reduce the risk, Thutmose himself led his men through Aruna. With his infantry and the light cavalry of mounted bowmen, known as haibrw or the horsemen going by the side of the mountains, to take out any scouts that might be posted and leaving the road to the main force of chariots, he moved in quickly…..Tuthmoses set up siege-works and encircled the town, eventually forcing its occupants to surrender. At Karnak it is recorded that the victorious army took home 340 prisoners, 2,041 mares, 191 foals, 6 stallions, 924 chariots, 200 suits of armor, 502 bows, 1,929 cattle, 22,500 sheep, and the royal armor, chariot and tent-poles of the King of Megiddo. The city and citizens were spared. A number of other cities in the Jezreel Valley were conquered and Egyptian authority in the area was restored,…….Relief in the Karnak Temple showing Thutmosis III slaying Canaanite captives from the Battle of Megiddo, 15th Century BC. “

There was another battle of Megiddo in 609BC when another Pharaoh (Necho) defeated the Israelite king who stood against him, even though he asked him nicely not to. It is recorded in the Bible.

“ Judah fell under Egyptian control and influence. On his return from Syria and Mesopotamia, Necho II captured and deposed Jehoahaz, the son of Josiah who had just succeeded his father on the throne. The pharaoh enforced a tribute of 100 talents of silver and one talent of gold upon the kingdom, and appointed his older brother Eliakim as king. Necho also changed the name of this new king into Jehoiakim. Jehoahaz was taken captive to Egypt, where he became the first king of Judah to die in exile.” wikipedia

Then in 1918 there was another Battle of Megiddo. This time General Allenby with the help of Indian, Australian, Arab, North African forces and Lawrence of Arabia defeated the Ottomans who had controlled Palestine since the 15th century, took 75,000 prisoners and also forced the Germans to retreat. As a result Britain was awarded the Mandate by then League of Nations to rule Palestine and to enable a homeland for the Jewish People, which it did.

Megiddo has been fundamental inm deciding who should govern this land. The Bahai faith consider this last battle in 1918 to be the fulfilment of Revelations but perhaps it is not. One thing strikes me from all these battles and it is the remarkable fact that at a time when sieges usually ende3d inm wholesale murder, they did not. Tuthmosis took hostages, the elder sons of the region’s kings, educated them and sent them back to rule in an Egyptian way. This is in fact the origin of what is called Israel but do not expect anyone to agree. It has been three times so far and history repeats.

There can be a peaceful solution. However a drone was shot down over Israel today. It is thought to be of Iranian manufacture, perhaps copied from the US one they mysteriously landed in Iran using some magnetic ray. It was unarmed but is thought by many that it was looking for a way to take out the nuclear arsenal of Israel said to be in the Southern desert in a place called Dimona. A somewhat devilish name. I dread to think what would happen and we have to make peace for all the people in the Middle East, not nuclear war as may well be prophesied in Revelations. I am sure you all agree.

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