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I remember watching something (may have been Zeitgeist) that said there is actually a reasonable level of food in the world, but it's very unfairly distributed. I'm not invalidating your argument, population
control is a good idea, but if that's true then better distribution could go a long way towards solving some of the problems. If everyone was reasonable and not greedy. Which they aren't. Oh well.

I read something else that argued against pollution control in developing countries, as they need to increase their financial stability and can't afford first world technology to do this. I'd be interested in opinions about this, as I think it's a hugely difficult question. Better finances mean (hopefully) better living conditions for the citizens of the countries in question, but adversely affects the environment for everyone. But do we have the right to stop other people doing what we did during the industrial revolution, when we have everything and they have sod all?
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