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I don't trust every person in the PiD camp, and I don't buy the claim that Vivian Stanshall or Phil Ackril replaced Paul and became Billy.

Its very hard for someone to do their research off their own back given the limited resources, though my own intuition says that there were many Paul doubles throughout the years.

I find this site interesting:

As Mark Devlin has discovered once you start delving down the PiD rabbit hole, it becomes a mind f**k, meaning the more you research and think you've tussed what was going on you com e across evidence that makes you rethink your previous thoughts regarding Paul and Fa ul. One minute you're sure the person pre 66 is the original Paul then you look a photo of video from the same time frame and notice what appears to be Faul.

In this video, I noticed Faul has the same mannerisms as the "Paul" seen in the interview they did in about Aug 66 where they talk about the media slating them regarding the bigger than Jesus remark, yet that can't be right if we're to assume Faul hadn't replaced the dead Paul at that date (unless Faul was already on the scene interchanging roles with the "real" Paul?).

Videos like this make me more convinced that there have always been more than one Paul rather than Paul dying and then being replaced with an imposter lookalike.

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