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Default Esther - some snippets

Originally Posted by hangthedj View Post
Sorry Dopey, just to be very clear - I am not highlighting anyone as missing this, just a collective 'wtf we dropped the ball'.

If this goes ahead, with the secret courts, we aren't just fucked - it's game over imho (as far as the status quo goes as is).

There is more to come there, on that 'other' (call it eitheric if you like) front. I know that, but still...

We need to get onto Rantzen and Cope asap.

TTW4 - where the fuck are you man?!

Esther Louise Rantzen CBE (born 22 June 1940) is an English journalist and television presenter who is best known for presenting the BBC television series That's Life!, and for her work in various charitable causes. She is founder of the child protection charity ChildLine, and also advocates the work of the Burma Campaign UK. In July 2009 she announced that she would stand as a candidate for Parliament in Luton South at the 2010 general election; however, she did not win and lost her deposit.Rantzen was born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, to Katherine Flora (ne Leverson) (1911–2005) and Henry Barnato Rantzen (1902–1992). Rantzen has one younger sister, Priscilla N.

childline is a meals-on-wheels delivery.

Curious site - loads of Rancid pics and Roma speak - not a fan of Rancid

But it was the show's campaigning edge that Rantzen was most proud of. During its run, which lasted until 1994, the programme moved from exposing faulty washing machines and over-zealous "jobsworth" officials to calling for more organ donors, prompting law changes on seatbelts and exposing paedophiles in residential schools.

It was this concern for abused children which prompted Rantzen to set up Childline, the world's first national helpline for youngsters, in 1986. The presenter retains ties with the service, but last year made the controversial claim that she was partially responsible for the politically correct "hysteria" surrounding child protection in 21st-century Britain.

This doughty campaigner is "80 per cent sure" she will stand as an independent anti-sleaze candidate against Labour incumbent Margaret Moran, who is embroiled in controversy over her expenses (she claimed 22,500 to treat dry rot in her home in Southampton, 100 miles from the constituency).

That's Cruising Life with Esther Rantzen

Cozying up with James Cusick - same as our Jimmy did...........
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