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Originally Posted by jmandalis View Post
well well well, apparently they have let me back out of hell

or not, as the case may be

Anyway, I had to make a new account because mandalisj is locked out and the password link never would work, now it won't even send the email. So please mods, send a WORKING password reset link to the email address for mandalsij if you please.

So, what have I missed? Apparently not much, dissahc word press is still trying to hijack the thread and co-opt the search word dissahc in the search engines with his own Jacob Lorber, Swedenborg irrelevant crap, that I have previously labeled as 'pseudo-profound bullshit' -- so enough about that, I won't waste more time on it.

As far as new developments, there has been an interesting one. It had been over a year since I logged into the thread, and then I found a link to someone that actually had followed the security guidelines and text copy rules, minus_one. Apparently, she has also taken ownership of both and the new, which are registered anonymously.

Her contributions were very interesting from first glance, & I didn't have time to review them in the detail necessary to catch all of the synonymous keyword meanings which were extensive. Things like 'buying condoms for your brother' or how you/she 'was a sucker for your older brother' represent a new dimension in keyword speculation well designed within the format of the original pon/zeroleft homepage. It reminded me of the difference in sophistication between the sniper war in Iraq and the TOW-ATGM tactics now being used in Syria. The matrix is learning.

So the next night when I went to look at the minus_one contributions again, the freeyourbrains domain returned a 403 error. I tried various methods to access the content through links, .index, .htm etc. but it seems those versions of the homepage are now offline. Is it just me, or does anyone else see that its down from there?

But anyway, one other important point I noticed about the minus_one contributions is that they were from a female perspective. As if neutrals were female. The original uploads were carefully constructed to be intentionally gender neutral, referring to he/she pronouns. However the minus_one contributions I was able to read before they were taken offline seemed to be specifically from a female perspective.

Now I have also said this before: FEMALES ARE NOT NEUTRAL, & FEMALE IS THE DEFINITION OF NOT NEUTRAL. There is a reason why there are no females in this thread. They can't talk about this stuff without violating neutrality and being subject to a protocol breach. I've tried to get some women I dated, claiming to be my soulmate, to read the homepage and they would respond with lame excuses why they couldn't read it. One said she looked at the first page and it talked about the Keanu movie The Matrix, and she then said she had never seen it. Like who hasn't seen that movie? Seriously? Its like one of the biggest movies of all time. Another said she had problems with her eyes and didn't like to read stuff on the internet. Literally all she did was read shit online, and cyber stalk me constantly. The details aren't important, the point is they were just completely full of shit excuses when it came to discussing the homepage. They both were not my species and were trying to harvest my sperm for their breeding program.

& that is what the matrix we believe to be earth is really all about, a breeding program. Humans don't breed in captivity generally so they have to be fooled into thinking their environment is natural. Additionally, the keywords are used as an auditory or visual Pavlovian response mechanism trigger to reinforce the idea that the world you live in is real, and not just a copy of what was once the real human world.

There are some important differences to notice. Its like a Turing test. They think they are 'better' at being humans than humans are. THE JAPANESE never can create originality, they can only copy the originality humans have created. This is why everything today in movies and television is a remake or otherwise copied non-originally from an original source with new adaptations. How many fucking Spider Man movies do we really need? Is there anything Bruno Mars does that doesn't come from something else? Never mind this tangent.

So let's go back to the minus_one contributions. I would ask if anyone saved them but I could never be sure they were genuine copies of her contributions. Such is the paranoia that takes over once you start thinking about the homepage. So let's deconstruct the dichotomies associated therewith:

minus_one is either:

neutral or non-neutral, my guess is non-neutral for the reasons discussed above

also, minus_one is either:

our [WHITE] side or the other [BLACK] side, I was trying to ascertain this when her contributions disappeared

thus if minus_one is white/human and not black/shapeshifter her contributions were positive and geared towards waking neutrals up or if she was not human her contributions were designed to keeping humans unaware and accepting of the program

The only other interesting thing I had time to notice in the minus_one contributions was how she said in different reloads of the matrix loop you might not be the same person, something about being in 17'th century France. Like I've said, this may not be the first 2017, meaning that its not the first time 2017 has been run in the loop. The fact that I'm remembering as much as I am indicates to me that I've done this at least once before, and more likely several times.

So anyway, I hope nobody missed me. Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, as usual.
This is so wierd.

I am "minus one" who tried to restart FreeYourBrain with stuff like:

"Your Beloved One is not your cousin!"...

But what I wrote wasn't that good, so I removed it all.

I was searching the internet, for "FreeYourBrain" + "peadophile" in an attempt to find

The part where it says about how it is interesting they call a survivor a "paedophile"....

I never saw this post by Mandelis at the time...

Dude I'm am not a chick LOL but it is interesting you should say that because one I like"kind of" believe the site was written by a woman but more interesting check this out.

So this is about language right?

Someone with a penis is a woman.

Someone with vagina is a man.

I dunno I remembering realising this during the hurricane and it was quite hilarious to see that part unfold.

I feel like could reboot FreeYourBrain now....

What's even stranger...remember I told you I was searching the internet and found this link to this thread?

Aw man it is so disgusting...

You know on Google, it has a caption of text underneath the link, in the search results?

Well, in the caption it said in capital letters "Smile, Smile, Peadophile"

And Goddamn, I'm pretty goddamn sure that is not part of this thread.

Motherfuckers. Everyday I fight a war against A.I and all they say back to me is this

Don't you ever feel like he is asking you for help?

Maybe will return after all guys...

Now I'm going to listen The Way I Am by the so-called Martian Eminem...


Man I feel like a woman.

EDIT: Maybe I should get you guys the screenshot of the vit where it says "Smile, smile..."

But right now I'm only on my phone...

It doesn't make sense why that would be there...

Fucking A.I...

Dude guys I have so much information on this website and the hurricane...

I could easily reboot FreeYourBrain...


Here's the screenshot of the Google search:

You can clearly see the capitals letters where it says:

"Smile, smile paedophile, you might be round"...


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