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we don't need trees ; we need lead filled air. Toxic wast on every street corner. The Seas should be filled up with it. We don't need the seas or the fish.

We need more Russia hacker's stealing from the worlds nations an imprisoning honest police. investigating GLOBAL government CRIMES.

We'll call that 1 a spy ; while faking elections an improisoning the oppsition. in Russia. :-) See they showing us. This is what you need.

This has been shown an proved. These are things we do not need. trees n water.

I mean if we need them Why I would think you be fighting the people whom are taking them away you. After all that what we do.

Is KILL. Is it not Just what we do. Has there even been 1 second of actual light

An this shows commitment of need. The people fighting these people are HERO's. Not criminals.

The criminals are the one's causing these problems. beyond the law. That you are forced to comply to. THE one whom make up the LAWS. that restrict you from acting.

Put up a hand's face in on the other hand an begin to move finger n thumbs like a mouth. Looks at them bla bla bla. they face at each other saying nothing.

That all we got the is bla bla's

When you need something You'll be will fight for it.

Other wise it not need.

You would KNOW CLEAN WATER is a human right. its not a privilege. Its a RIGHT that each of us need. An to to sell it is IMMORAL. On every conceivable level. Its the same for trees

An when we look at. The KILLING the of trees. an the horrifying brown an black spots on those leaves. an we talk about the whales We are talking about same things.

All cause by the same problems. The same kind of peoples causing the problems. Effecting the majority of the worlds population.

You won't find any pity or mercy for these people. In me. My own Nation with held asset form me. An then forced me to fight for them. what should have been waiting for me the second i was out school. I got no love for them any of them.

You find NO mercy in me at all for them. An I am will to let you to make those changes. even if you don't want them.

It how we choice to fight. This is not of fight with firearms. It a fight of minds and, always great to see you raburgeson

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O is For Omega- to where your going.
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