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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
What i cannot fathom out is fact he slept in a room alone cos he had a cold well viruses travel within a family unit so why seperate him and from his twin cos i don't believe only one child had a cold in that household and secondly he hadn't been seen as Nursery since before Xmas. In Flats don't people talk to their neighbours? Are they blind and deaf?

Surely would have been a Council tenement style flat, not luxury style with someone at the door watching with a foyer, and was it downstairs flat or high up. Police gave very little away and were late appearing on TV.

Why aren't there hoards of Police around as it seemed more General Joe Public searching much more than Police were. Isn't it the heartland of Knights Templar in Scotland?
As pointed out in the thread ,plenty of Kids go missing every year and do not get National coverage ...when they do, as in this case ,the hairs on the back of my neck go up ...and when the "Sun "gets involved even more .....

And when its the public doing the leg work ( how great is that) but the Police seem to take a back step ...well ,as others have said ....this stinks
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