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Today I got these

1) A 45: Asia - Ride Easy/Heat of the moment (I also have thier first album with this song (THIER BEST ALBUM))

2) Bryan adams - reckless (ON VHS (A collection of videos from his 'RECKLESS' album))

I THINK ITS SAFE TO SAY RECKLESS IS HIS BEST ALBUM -- OH MY.......... And the last song was a surprise as it WASNT LISTED ON THE TAPE BOX AS ONE OF THE SONGS ON THE COLLECTION! ("One night love affair" -- (Played during the ending credits) OH MY....this song is in the movie 'REAL GENIUS' (1985) also and it sounds JUST AS GOOD!!! -- I am so glad this tape WAS NOT DIGITALLY COMPROMISED!!!!!!! (I had THE DOORS 'LIVE IN EUROPE' (1968) on VHS also the other day and it sounded like crap..... At the end of the tape I discovered why "Sound Mix: Digital enterprises" (Or something "Digital") I got rid of it!!

I have a doors greatest hits 2 record set.... I can hear thier stuff in 100% analogue! (Much nicer IN MY OPINION)
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