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The mechanical features of the object suggest a highly sophisticated level of aerodynamics and construction. The objects are very old and small, approximately 2 inches long, objects, made of gold are estimated to be AT LEAST 1,000 years old. For archaeologists the artifacts were depicting animals and were classified as Sinu, a pre-Inca culture from A.D. 500 to 800... But only for them. For aeronautical engineers these objects more looked like airplanes with delta-shaped wings. So in 1997 they built a scaled up version of the objects to the exact specifications of the prototypes with the simple addition of an engine and propeller. The test was succesful. The radio controlled aircraft flew performing airborn loops, rolls and other manuevers, and then performed perfect landing.
According to Dr. Ivan Sanderson, who studied the artifacts, these look too "mechanical" like an airplane, to be a natural object. Other similar objects have been discovered in Costa Rica, Venezuela and Peru. Who used these planes in prehistoric times?


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