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Daphne du Maurier ..

Pino Donaggio - Don´t look now Theme...
Diogo Homem (1521–1576) was a Portuguese cartographer, son of Lopo Homem and member of a family of cartographers..he was forced to exile from Portugal, first in England, and then in Venice..Due to a grime of murder, in which he was connivent..It was there that he produced numerous manuscript atlases and charts, many of them of the Mediterranean..The work of Diogo Homem is of an exceptional graphical quality and beauty, being kept in Italy, Austria, UK, France, the USA and Portugal..

Portolan chart of the Mediterranean..

Whitelaw grew up in a working class part of Bradford and later attended Grange Girls' Grammar School - "Merci, Chérie" was the winning song in the Eurovision 1966 - Johansson played as a center half in IFK Norrköping\22 -Allo 'Allo Bond Are You Being Served?/23 - Goal!, Billy\25 -Kay began his working life as a reporter for the BENews - Parcel delivery firm City Link goes into administration after substantial losses/26 - Tindemans was born in Zwijndrecht, Belgium, to a Catholic family..Minister of Foreign Affairs 17 December 1981\27 -"Ron" Henry (17 August 1934) played for Hotspur - Tomaz Salamun (July 4, 1941) was a Slovenian poet Sybil/28 –The aircraft had stalled during an abnormally steep climb and had been unable to recover..The official search for bodies ended on 17 March, after 106 bodies had been recovered..56 bodies remained unaccounted for..Over 3,000 species of marine life are found in the area, is also a popular tourist destination and has become the basis of Indonesia’s export program\29 - Dot joined the Women's Royal Naval Service and became a 'listener', taking down coded messages by hand which were then sent to Bletchley Park for deciphering - After the war Silver returned to Leeds/30 - At age 16, Rainer chose to follow her dream to become an actress\31 - Herrmann began his career in theatre..One of the first professional productions he appeared in was the U.S. premiere of Weller's Moonchildren - Pauline receives an unnamed experimental anti-viral drug and blood plasma from Ebola survivors as part of her treatment - Elgar has been described as the first composer to take the gramophone seriously..In his first trips abroad, Elgar visited Paris in 1880 and Leipzig in 1882.. He heard Saint-Saëns play the organ at the Madeleine and attended concerts by first-rate orchestras..As an engagement present, Elgar dedicated his short violin and piano piece Salut d'Amour to her..Rainer is the German form of the Germanic name Raginheri (Scandinavian Ragnar), composed of the two elements ragin ("advice") and heri ("army")... fresh horse-droppings..Legs furiously pumping..Their stiff green gallop..And heads bob up Poise Delicate..Pause.. Consent In mute nostril agony..Carefully refined and sealed over..They're "Rolling in clover" as well..They have no need to make a Living..We're in pursuit of a convoy being tracked by U-32..Expect contact..That is all...

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