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Lightbulb Beach of the Light


Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire..

Koshiki-no-kata by Kano(l) and Yamashita(r)..
The name "trimaran" is a 20th-century word concocted from "Tri" and "(Cata)maran".. It is thought to have been invented by Victor Chechet, a pioneering, Russian modern multihull designer..The first trimarans were built by indigenous Polynesians and other Pacific islanders almost 4,000 years ago, and some of the current US terminology is derived from them.. Sailing catamarans and trimarans gained popularity during the 1960s and 70's..Dragonfly Trimarans is a line of trimaran sailboats built by the Quorning Boats shipyard in Skærbækvej, near Fredericia, Denmark founded in 1967 by Børge Quorning..Cat's eyes are particularly valuable in fog and are largely resistant to damage from snow ploughs..A key feature of the cat's eye is the flexible rubber dome which is occasionally deformed by the passage of traffic..The name "cat's eye" comes from Shaw's inspiration for the device: the eyeshine reflecting from the eyes of a Kat..The kingfishers were traditionally treated as 1 family, the Alcedinidae, With 3 subfamilies..Kingfisher is an Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group, Bangalore..

The Kliffs of Praia da Luz..

Katamaran -type vessels were first developed as early as 1500 BCE by the Polynesian peoples..The first documented example of double-hulled craft in Europe was designed by William Petty in 1662 to sail faster, in shallower waters, in lighter wind, and with fewer crew than other vessels of the time..The design remained relatively unused in the West for almost 160 years until the early 19th-century, when the Englishman Mayflower F. Crisp built a two-hulled merchant ship in Rangoon, Burma.. The ship was christened Original..An outgrowth of the popularity of cruising sailing catamarans are powered catamarans, which share many of the amenities found in a sail cruising catamaran..Military Sealift Command currently operates several Expeditionary Fast Transport catamarans which are owned by the U.S. Navy..The US Navy commissioned the construction of a SWATH ship to test the configuration..Wave-piercing catamarans employ a low-buoyancy bow on each hull that is pointed at the water line and rises aft, up to a level, to allow each hull to pierce waves, rather than ride over them..The spanning bridge deck may be configured with some of the characteristics of a normal V-hull, which allows it to penetrate the crests of waves..Madeira was re-discovered by Portuguese sailors in the service of Infante D. Henrique (Henry the Navigator) in 1419, and settled after 1420..The archipelago is considered to be the first territorial discovery of the exploratory period of the Portuguese Age of Discovery..

Waterworld Movie CLIP + New (1995) HD ..

The Archdeacon's House in Bangor was the setting for act 3, scene I of William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1..Aikido techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique..Many of the strikes ( uchi) of aikido resemble cuts from a sword or other grasped object, which indicate its origins in techniques intended for armed combat.. Other techniques, which explicitly appear to be punches (tsuki), are practiced as thrusts with a knife or sword..The most popular image associated with kata is that of a karate practitioner performing a series of punches and kicks in the air..The number of moves may also have links with Buddhist spirituality..In Japanese language kata meaning “way of doing,” with emphasis on the form and order of the process..Nekoashi-dachi (cat foot stance)..All weight rests on the back leg, which is bent at the knee.. Other meanings are “training method” and “formal exercise”.. The goal of a painter’s practicing, for example, is to merge his consciousness with his brush; the potter’s with his clay; the garden designer’s with the materials of the garden..Once such mastery is achieved, the theory goes, the doing of a thing perfectly is as easy as Thinking it... had, he thought, that angel look with nothing Christian in it peculiar to women born out of their time, the golden virgin to the outward eye whose veins were filled with unlit fire..It was because of the observatory then that you acquired this haus, I suppose?..You must come up one knight and we'll watch a few stars together...

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