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Babette's Feast (1987) - Food Scene..
The Army Catering Corps did not exist as a separate Corps in the Army until 1 January 1965 when it was granted the status of an independent Corps in its own right, under the direction of the Quartermaster General.. Until then the Catering Corps had been under the control of the Royal Army Service Corps since its formation on 22 March 1941 under Army Order 35 of 1941..Prior to that, Regiments had their own cooks, some of whom were trained in one of the two cookery schools which existed in Aldershot and Poona in India..Trade pay was introduced in 1936, but equipment was poor and in many units meals were collected in bulk from the kitchen for consumption in barrack rooms..It was not until 27 July 1940 however, that the Quartermaster General once more raised the question of forming an Army Catering Corps.. This was not unanimously supported and the then Permanent Under Secretary of State said that he felt that catering was a civilian function and those employed in it should not be of military rank..After the war and up to the early 1960s, many of the cooks were National Servicemen drafted in and allocated to jobs.. They were generally poorly motivated, and there was little continuity, craft progression, or incentive for them to remain in the Army as regular soldiers.. It was then that the British Army was re-organised into an all-regular force and this made a tremendous difference..The training of not only chefs, but officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers in the supervision of catering in barracks and in the field became increasingly successful....

Burnmoor stone circles..

The ACC enjoyed a long association with the local authority in Aldershot and on 19 May 1971, was granted the Freedom of the Borough of Aldershot..Again, on 19 May 1980 the Corps received Freedom of the Borough of Rushmore..By the early 80s, the Corps was a highly respected and integral part of every unit in the British Army.. Its soldiers were fit, professional, and highly motivated, and pioneers of catering management training.. It is quite often forgotten that ACC cooks served with the Household Division, SAS and Parachute Regiment.. The ACC also trained and employed Gurkha cooks, non-commissioned officers, warrant officers and officers, in British cuisine and kitchen management, as well as Gurkha cookery..The Royal Logistic Corps Cap badge incorporates one element of each of the forming Corp’s badges, including the motto of the Army Catering Corps "We Sustain"...Two members of the ACC were killed while off duty in the Droppin Well bombing in 1982..The disco, known as the Droppin Well, was targeted because it was frequented by British Army soldiers from nearby Shackleton Barracks.. The bomb killed 11 soldiers and 6 civilians; 30 people were injured..There were about 150 people inside..On the evening of Monday 6 December 1982, an INLA operative left a bomb inside the pub..The RUC believed that the bomb, estimated to be 5 to 10 pounds (2.3 to 4.5 kg) of commercial (Frangex) explosives, was small enough to fit into a handbag.. It had, however, been left beside a support pillar and, when it exploded at about 23:15, the blast brought down the roof.. Many of those killed and injured were crushed by fallen masonry..Sesame is connected to Babylonian magic practices which used sesame oil..

Mirabile dictu, don't you agree?..

Seascale is a village and civil parish on the Irish Sea coast of Cumbria in north-west England..The place-name indicates that it was inhabited by Norse settlers, probably before 1000 AD.. It is derived from skali, meaning in Norse a wooden hut or shelter.. This could well date from the time of King Harold Fairhair, who vowed revenge on the many Norsemen who had settled in Ireland and Man, causing them to flee across the sea to the Cumbrian coast some time after AD 885.. In 1881 the “Iron Church” of St Cuthbert was built, but was blown down in 1884.. In 1947 after World War II, the huge nuclear building programme at the former Sellafield ordnance factory commenced and Seascale became a dormitory community for the resultant Windscale and Calder Hall nuclear sites.. As a result, in the 1950s it was known as "the brainiest town in Britain"..An electoral ward in the same name exists.. This ward stretches to Scafell Pike..The noted Victorian author George Gissing based part of one of his novels “The Odd Women” on Seascale and the Lake District..On 2 June 2010, the area became the centre of a search after a gunman ran amok in Cumbria..In the early hours Bird left his home in Rowrah and drove his Citro├źn Xsara Picasso to his twin brother David's home.. The gunman was identified as 52-year-old Whitehaven taxi driver Derrick Bird and is known to have killed 12 people and injured 11 others before taking his own life in Boot..2 of the victims were shot dead in Seascale; 2 others in the surroundings of the neighbouring village of Gosforth, along with another victim who was seriously wounded..The impermanent population of Boot is 10-15..On the moorland around one mile north of the village are 5 stone circles known collectively as the Burnmoor stone circles..The series of attacks began in mid-morning in Lamplugh and moved to Frizington, Whitehaven, Egremont, Gosforth, and Seascale, sparking a major manhunt by the Cumbria Constabulary, with assistance from Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers..The event was the worst shooting incident in Britain since the Dunblane school massacre, in which 18 people died..The ITV continuing drama, Coronation Street was cancelled on 2, 3, and 4 June as it contained a violent storyline featuring a gun siege in a factory..Lamplugh, renamed "Crossbridge", features in two of Melvyn Bragg's novels - "The Hired Man" and "Without a City Wall".. looks like a type of disorder that you rarely ever see any more, except in primitive cultures..Oh, we've sold your flat, put your things into storage..Standard procedure on the daath of an unmarried employee with no next of kin..You should have called..I'm not sure what the theme of my homily today ought to be...

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