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In Greek, Archon (ἄρχων) means ruler. ἀρχ specifically means to rule and is anglicized as Apex. Apex is a latin word (also spelled apicem) for the top or peak, ex "apex predators" are at the top of the food chain (and the archons are at the top of the pyramid).

Ark and Arch are etymologically related. Noah's Ark. Ark of the Covenant. Arch-Angel. Arch-rival. Architect. Archaeology. Anarchy (anti-ruler). Arch of Titus. Archer.

Byzantines referred to foreign rulers as Archontes.

The Archer/Archery is especially worth pointing out. The mythological unbeatable Hindu hero Arjuna is phonetically related (pronounced Archuna, Aruccunan). The meaning of his name is bright/shining. The Latin word for silver is also similar - argentum. Argent just happens to be the white metal important to alchemy's elixir of life. The term for archery though is dhanurvidya (archery knowledge) in Sanskrit.

This could be nothing, but the main character in Stanley Kubrick's 2001 is David Bowman. In Tim Burton's Sleep Hollow film, Archer was an old family who lost their home and came back for revenge against the usurpers. Common element in myth deals with stolen birthrights, an older brother is entitled to be an heir but the younger steals the birthright. Or in the Norse mythology, the old giants are wiped out by the Norse gods, complain (they wind up in the wrong afterlife, similar to the gnostic Sethian gospels), and reincarnate as trolls and dwarves.

This is similar to how the source of the archons, the demiruge, is sometimes referred to as an ejection of primitive space material (or an incomplete abortion) which newer (complete) material get's caught in. Also described as archons creating man and man received the holy spirit which the archons are jealous of.

Another phoentically similar word to Archer is Ashur the Assyrian god. Ashur is shown on a variation of the Zoroastrian Faravahar. Instead of holding a ring/shen he holds a bow. He is also holding up his right hand where the Faravahar figure holds up his left hand or faces the opposite direction. The tail feathers associated with negativity in Zoroastrian's Faravahar are directly attached to the body of Ashur.

From my research, there is a likely connection to the Israelite tribe of Asher, the Archer, IMO the Archons, and the Vedic Asuras (Persian Ahura). Maybe even the Norse Æsir which are connected with the Anglo-Saxons, but I haven't explored it much. Assyrians are equated with Syrians, but it's important to note that the "A" often ment the opposite. So Syrians in this sense could be called that because they were not Assyrians. It's also worthy of pointing out that early Christianity rose in the East and the Assyrians were among the earliest of Christians.

Here is one final gem regarding the Archers from a 13th century book on the Mongol invasion called "History of the Nation of Archers" (T'at'ars = Tatars) with my own emphasis added.

Let us say some more about what these first T'at'ars resembled. The first who came against our country were not like [ordinary] people. They were awful to see and impossible to describe. They had large heads, like a buffalo, narrow eyes like a chick, short noses like a cat, protruding chins like a dog, narrow waists like an ant, and short legs like a pig. They are completely beardless, possessing the strength of a lion and a screeching voice like an eagle. They appear unexpectedly. Their women have attractive hats covered with a brocade shawl on top and broad faces smeared with a deadly pine medicine. They give birth like snakes [g294], and eat like wolves. Death does not appear among them, and so they can live for three hundred years. Such were the folk who came first to the upper land. They never eat bread.
The Huns who appeared 1,000 years earlier in history were also described similarly. Egyptians employed archers called pítati to fight against the foreign nomadic Habiru invaders. This isn't really related to the archons, but Habiru were mercenary Bowman from would be Assyrian territory centuries later.

As long as you don't have biblical blinders on, it's obvious that the Habiru are the historical Hebrews. They were also related to the Shasu nomads who worshiped a burning bush called YHWH. Israeli Mossad's DEBKAfile has an archer as a mascot.

There really are apex predators at the top of the pyramid with a controller agenda just as the gnostics said that the archons have. Many of them have the attributes of a psychopath. Coincidence? Maybe the psychopaths are the archons.

Some gnostic writers claim that the archons worked like a hive mind connected to the demiruge (like bees I guess). They became jealous in envy of man having the holy spirit (free will soul?) which they don't have. That sounds an awful lot like the movie Dark City (which is full of symbolism). The main character is named Murdoch in that one (Marduk?).

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