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RFID Reader Works on Both Low and High Frequency Modes

03/11/2009 11/03/2009 02:15 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( is offering its simple- to- use dual frequency RFID reader, which operates at the frequency of 125kHz and13.56 MHz. It enables users to read a variety of RFID cards. This technologically advanced RFID reader is primarily used for access control, system logon/logoff and for the identification and authorization of system operators by scanning the user's RFID enabled card. For example, the card must be in contact with the reader which will then allow the device to transmit data. Overall, this RFID reader is an ideal system logon key that protects against unauthorized system use.

GAO RFID Inc.'s dual frequency RFID reader, model 211004, reads unique serial number and communicates with a PC via the RS232 interface. It supports multi-detection; transponders compliant with ISO 14443A Mifare MF, Ultralite, DESfire are available for this portable reader. The compact sized RFID reader offers a high baud rate from 2400bps to 19200bps.
Visit for more information.
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