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“This has been a distressing and difficult time for all of us at Christ Church Primary School, but it has really demonstrated the incredible strength of community that exists around our little school.

Yes, we've heard all about this tight-knit community!

“All members of the staff team at Christ Church continue to feel deep concern for the children at the centre of this very complex situation and sincerely hope they will go on to have every opportunity and success in the future.”

What's "complex" about it, I thought it was all lies?

Cllr Angela Mason, cabinet member for children at Camden Council, said: “Today the High Court ruled that the allegations relating to Christ Church Primary School were completely fabricated, baseless and untrue."

Without a thorough police investigation of the allegations.

“We are pleased that the staff, governors and parents at Christ Church and the other Camden schools mentioned in this case have been exonerated."

Not in my book Ms. Mason!

“Prospective parents have wondered whether to withdraw their children from allocated places."

I'd err on the side of caution... no smoke without fire.

“Existing parents have been uniformly supportive of the school and every member of the teaching staff.”

Well they would, wouldn't they...?

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