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Arrow Talk of Atlantis, the End of an Age, the _AST and the END of the Ages

Last Prophet's words from Jul 2014.
Atlantis, The Simpsons and the Illuminati Grand Master: TRUTH cut in stone as simply in plain sight as it gets
Who leaves Atlantis off the X? Google answers with name of man who runs the world

Introduction - added Dec 2016
"End Times Music: Atlantis and THE song's related two lines" is a 2014 article.
The context related to the "Nowhere to run" song's line includes a link to the fake crash of Brazil's football wonder team, Nov 2016, a script that includes this:
"seer Charly from Galilee joke: what the comparison with the Illuminati Grand Master's predictions reveals is NOT a joke", a chapter where the Simpsons are also casted.

Talk of Atlantis, a song, a seer, the Simpsons and the Grand Master:

Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus: To get his identity all the END TIMES C_L_U_E_S you need is to google this:
Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _ s?
Yet it wasn't until March 2013 that his name was revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet.

Google returns the OFFICIAL answer: this time it's the TRUTH
The answer comes from the _ _ _ _ _ CUTTERS song, which is also the name of the organization OFFICIALLY led since 1995 by the Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus", albeit "inadvertently", using the Wikipedia's word.
It's a The Simpsons song, and it accounts for the only image in the first page of google results.

What else the Number One leads, albeit this time NOT officially:
The Grand Master cut The TRUTH in stone as simply in plain sight as it gets: the song and organization he officially leads has "coincidentally" the name of:
- those who built what stood for several millenia as the largest man made constructions on Earth, which, in the singular form, also stands for ...
- the symbol of the Ordo Illuminatus, which "coincidentally" has the ONE and ONLY seer's eye at the top.
An organization that "coincidentally" also added the largest ever man made "construction" on Earth to the ATLANTI_ map.

Google results
- Number One: The symbol of the Ordo Illuminatus is "coincidentally" visible in the image link of the first google result, a reddit page from 2014.
- from Yahoo answers: title exactly the same as the query. The solution is indeed one of the answers although it was not rated "Best answer".
One of the other answers also implies the solution, as it quotes a line from the song: "We do, we do".

The image of the first google result

Try to soive the riddle before clicking it:
March 2013 - Name of current Illuminati LEADER: REVEALED WORLDWIDE first:
He uses several fake identities, two of them as "english Sir".
In the only identity where he appears in plain sight he uses his father's name because he can't use his real name: Alexander Adolf Hitler.

All in Blog

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