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Originally Posted by machineelf View Post

It seems to me to be almost as equally important to know how 'things work' as it is to know what is 'going on'. The two seem to go hand in hand.

I think that we attract energy.

Our thought form create a vibration around us, and the world seems to be set up to focus our vibration into the negative.

People say "....... am fat," "...... am ugly..." "i hate my...."

Because that is the way we dumb ourselves down and don't allow our self to express our Self in the most beautiful and loving way.... The system creates a negative and so we foster the negative when we don't appreciate the positive...

And that begins in mind.

The simple first step is to recognise that the universe will give to us everything that we wish for or focus on..... And likewise we draw to us what we most focus on.

If we want a fast sportscar, then we should look at fast sportscars, dream of fast sportscars, take one out for a test drive, and every day we go out in our own car, envisage that we are in a fast sportscar - the sportscar will come.

You have to do some of the work too - just wishing is not enough
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