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Default The new battle for Britain

Just came across this
Full document with contact details here:

The New Battle for Britain Group


Dear Loyal Supporter,

As a result of all the help, support and donations which you have given over the last few months, we are delighted to announce that The New Battle for Britain Group is now up and running from a fully equipped Plymouth Office. You will find our Pledge, Aims and Methods attached at the end of this summary, together with details of how you can support and donate. I cannot stress to you enough though, how little time is left before this wonderful country is destroyed and subsumed into the EUsoviet. But the New Group is all about really fighting to save our country – with direction, purpose, and above all, a real understanding of the treason and subversion now at work within our society. This is a key point – the real danger to UK is the ‘Fifth Column’ of traitors destroying UK from within, and it is these people and organisations we need to root out and permanently remove.

The purpose of this update however is not to wallow in what the EUsoviet is doing to destroy this country, for many people are falling into this trap. We are about setting out what needs to be done and fighting to win. If we do the ‘same old things’ we will get the ‘same old results’. Our plans are very different from the established anti EU groups, and so our plans will deliver different and effective results.

Telling the Truth
Thanks to your support and belief in our initial message of ‘tell the truth’, we our now seeing a change in people working with us, and in the wider community around us. Our words are cold, hard and direct – wake up because the EU is installing a vicious fascist police state within UK. Some people, including some so called anti EU politicians in UKIP, have laughed and sneered at us that people will not believe, but simply telling the truth is already shocking people awake.

The destruction of industry, fishing, agriculture, the post office, our armed forces, the giving away into foreign hands of our public sector water, electricity, ports, airports and railways, the encouragement of foul sexual practices, political correctness, the attacks on true Christian values, our lying deceitful politicians, fraudulent banks, the creation of a poisonous public sector quango government, the destruction of our hospitals, education system, moral values and the flooding of the country with immigrants – this is not accidental – this is planned destruction of the United Kingdom by cold, ruthless and vicious individuals who are creating an EUsoviet. They are evil.

But starting as a small group, and just telling the truth, we were struggling to cope with the interest in our message, demands for papers and information, and above all requests for direction as to how ordinary people can fight the EU beast emerging amongst us. Thanks to you, the Plymouth office is starting to respond to these demands and is building trust and friendships with other individuals, groups and organisations. Clearly our message is on target. This success will grow.

New Newspapers
Thanks to your support, help and donations, we have already been able to start setting up a new web site with an electronic news-sheet, and the production of the first hard hitting colour tabloid newspaper called The Westminster News. The first edition has already been issued and carries a mix of hard hitting truth about the EU and the destruction of UK, together with local news and adverts. With your continued help we will shortly have another two of these papers on line, focused for their local area and also telling the truth about the lies, deceit, fraud and corruption within the UK establishment and local government. Since the national and local press will not print the truth - New Battle for Britain Groups across the country will. And we will use the words – treason, deceit, fraud, corruption and perversion. We do not feel gay about this country and we will say so.

Communication and People
It has become increasingly obvious to us that there are millions of people across the country who now feel betrayed and abandoned by the three main political parties and the leadership of smaller parties. All refuse to grip the situation, tell the truth and speak out. The New Battle for Britain Group is already working to bring together anti-EU support across the country, and we have been amazed at the growing support from Cornwall to Scotland. We promise you all that we will work as hard as we can to bring people together, to unite and encourage them, so that people start to work in an effective coordinated way. We have watched how the leaders of all political parties implement a pyramid type control structure, where they prevent their members working effectively and having their true views heard.
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