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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post

The problem with symbolism is that it can mean anything you want it to mean, even when the object has no symbolic meaning. A wavy line can be symbolic but sometimes it's just a wavy line.

You are assuming that the two towers had a symbolic meaning. Maybe they were just two towers. Unless you were present at the planning meetings you cannot possibly know. The same with the replacement. You have assumed it has a meaning. Have you spoken to the architects? What is their view?

Everything you claim is an assumption and what you have done is to put the cart before the horse. The correct way to do research is to collect a lot of seemingly disparate facts and see if there is a connection and you then draw a conclusion. You already have the conclusion and are hunting for facts to support that conclusion which must mean ignoring facts that do not fit, even though they may be relevant. You will always find your facts you require by working this way and you can prove almost anything to be true by being selective.

Even astrologers cannot agree on the start or end dates of any of the Ages mostly because the Astrological Ages are an artificial construct which bear no relationship to what is happening in the skies. The sun does not physically move into the constellation of Aquarius until 2597 AD approx. You have chosen 2001 as your start date to fit in with your theory.

Fountains are frequently used as monuments because people like them and they are aesthetically pleasing. Nothing to do with Aquarius.

Are you saying that this dog was deliberately killed for symbolic reasons? Do you have proof of this or this this just another assumption? I understand the dog's post was at the North Tower so you are claiming that this was deliberate knowing that the dog would be sacrificed there, maybe even that the puppy was deliberately named Sirius far in advance of the plot being carried out. Personally I think this point is just laughable.

K9 is merely another way of writing 'canine'. 911 is certainly the police call number but so what? In English Gematria K9 is 66 according to

How do you know the shape of the hotel was a tribute? Your interpretation of the book/film is not mine. Are these more assumptions or do you have irrefutable proof?

You seem to be mixing up different strands of the occult. Egyptian, Indian, Masonic. You seem to be picking your facts from quite a wide mix which makes it easier to support your prior conclusions.

The architect of the Statue of Liberty was a Mason but that does not make the Statue so. The 7 rayed star represents the 7 oceans and continents of the world for after all the French name of the Statue is 'Liberty enlightening the World'. It also represents the sun. You have interpreted the 7 spikes of the crown as 7 chakras because that suits your conclusion and not because there is any evidence to show the chakras are indicated. You are picking and choosing facts which is not good.

Evidence for what you are claiming? Actually I believe the year was 1941.

According to Masonic info I have read the Blazing Star is the Star of Bethlehem.

The so called New World Order was announced a number of times before this including by the Nato Secretary General on 24 Nov 1988 and Gorbachev on 7 Dec 1988. It has been mentioned on a number of different dates but by selecting one date and ignoring others you are choosing once again what facts you will consider.

I don't believe I am missing the point. But symbolism must have some connection with the object and I don't see it here. What connection does Sirius have to kundalini and Shakti? What connection is there between Sirius and the chakras? You must have a connection because why bother including them? The surrounding symbolism you allege is just a few cherry picked facts.

Why are the occultists celebrating Sirius and why are they using a Christian calendar with a link to Egypt? I am not trying to confuse the issue at all since it is already complicated enough with too many unanswered questions and I am trying to cut through some of the confusion.
Wow. You win. I'm not going to argue against simpleton logic. We are in the realm of probability, not certainty. K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. Once again, you are strongly asserting yourself in areas you are not fit to debate.

The star of Bethlehem is the star in the East, the Eastern Star, Sirius.
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