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you can't declare a successor, it would just be whoever came along and had as powerful a message as David that would be the " Icke of the generation ".
However I am excited and see a lot of potential for Gareth Icke and the future of his music career.
Music is more powerful a medium than people realize and after Icke's passing his message which is repeated in many of Gareth's songs will resonate more powerfully with his fans and possibly become the anthem for peaceful protestors around the globe. Hopefully he'll keep writing songs inspired by his father's message and in the future play huge concerts and festivals and effect the hearts and minds of the masses with uplifting and intelligent music recorded and played on 5.8 mhz.
In the future we won't be able to fight our way to freedom, or standby peacefully willing for everyone to stop the violence, it will take everyone coming together singing,dancing and joyfully creating a peaceful loving environment free of anger,hatred and violence. Music is a powerful weapon against the forces of oppression and artists like Gareth can help spearhead the techniques needed to create a new approach to peaceful protests and unifying against oppressors.
David's fans will always remember him and carry on his work. There are also a ton of others contributing in their own way to his field of research as well as similar topics and subjects. His son's music will strike a cord with those who remember and have read his works making it a powerful resonance and hopefully he'll keep writing more so when he sings lyrics like "Human race get off your knees" or "Remember who you are" people will make all the associations with the knowledge provided in his book making it a powerful message enhanced by music. When people hear it their chakras will whirl around and shine bright all because they'll make the connection to his fathers work. They already do now but when he's no longer with us it'll keep his memory alive and people will be pushed to do whatever they can to help in the liberation of our planet and species.
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