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Originally Posted by vladmir View Post
It does make sense. Thats the point.
It makes sense when applied in the context of the Govt. and it dosent make sense in the Private man to man interaction,
for the given reason, that the private party dosent hold the legal title to the bond to offset the debt.
When dealing with the Govt. you are the creditor. And the instrument that you use to discharge any offer of incurred debt by the govt. is the a4v.
Still doesn't make any sense as to why CIC wouldn't accept A4V for their own products..nor does it explain why no one can show a letter stating their A4V was accepted and their account zeroed out.

I own real bonds as investments. I can use them to pay for things because they are denominated in dollars - when I cash out the bond (which is what A4V supposedly is doing). Bonds are investment instruments, and being denominated in dollars (for US investments) can be USED FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. If I am drawing on this treasury bond - and it were real - then it could be used to pay for anything public or private.

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