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Glad to see you still cant come up with a coherent argument without throwing out child like petty insults It is in fact not an invitation to treat at all, and your misunderstanding of what the term means is quite sad. Invitations to treat involve transactions where offers are made for bids, and no such offers are made in this case - the conferences and materials are at a set price. The purpose of the concept is to prevent people who make low offers from claiming that their offer was a binding contract when higher offers are made.

However, since you've decided to make up with CIC means, using YOUR LOGIC, CIC A4V process is worthless:

The IRS can simply decline your use of A4V, since paying in anything but real currency (and not a fake A4V) is simply a invitation to treat.

Since you have shown again and again that you cannot actually participate in a discussion on these forums beyond throwing out insults, I'm afraid I can't be bothered to remove you from ignore again.

The question still remains, waiting for an answer:
(1) If A4V is a real instrument that is the same as cash (which it is, according to CIC podcasts), why is it that they don't accept A4V for their own products? Even if you believe that CIC is just an invitation to treat, it still doesn't answer the question - why would one refuse it if its as good as real currency?
(2) Where are the scanned letters (personal information blacked out) in which the IRS confirms receipt of your A4V and notes your 0 balance like they do upon request for receiving all REAL payments?

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