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Originally Posted by endlessvista View Post
Can't say as it would be easy enough for them to find out who I am and he is retired now.

He was an evil cocksucker take it from me and he wasn't alone the "Gentlemen's club" was full of them.

One of their son's I recall a snotty giggling aristocratic twerp was drunk at the wine bar one night, at the time I was working 5 nights a week in the place opening wine in order to get through college and maintain some independence from a couple of alcholic, violent parents. I was opening a bottle of champers for this 'idiot grandson' and I dropped the bottle on the ground and went down to pick it up. There as burst of upper class "GUFHAWS" from the assembled and I felt humilited, at that point this cretin peeks his head over the bar with me mopping the floor and exclaims loudly "you see that's why I am here, and you are down there...HA HA HA HA!!!"

That demented chuckler is now on the board of diectors of one of the banks being bailed out by the Irish taxpayers. His father got him the job in the bank. These are the people who live without any consequences and empathy in their lives and if people claim with good evidence that these types are into child sacrifice then I beleive it. Absolutely.
Wow, what a complete and utter wanker!.
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