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Originally Posted by tinmenace View Post
Since Pope Francis is a Jesuit, I thought I'd bump this thread
Bergoglio studied at the archdiocesan seminary, Inmaculada ConcepciĆ³n Seminary, in Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires City, and, after three years, entered the Society of Jesus as a novice on 11 March 1958.. Bergoglio has said that as a young seminarian, he "was dazzled by a girl I met at an uncle's wedding", so much so that he "could not pray for over a week" because he could not help thinking of her, and so he "had to rethink what I was doing". As a Jesuit novice he studied humanities in Santiago, Chile.. At the conclusion of his novitiate in the Society of Jesus, Bergoglio officially became a Jesuit on 12 March 1960, when he made the religious profession of the initial, temporary vows of a member of the order...
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