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Smashed over the head with an hammer..It is a fact.. Bona fide and classified..You can't break something thats already broken..The city of Rome harbours the most obelisks in the world. There are 8 ancient Egyptian and 5 ancient Roman Obelisks in Rome, together with a number of more modern obelisks; there was also until 2005 an ancient Ethiopian obelisk in Rome..The 7 Hills of Rome (Italian: Sette colli di Roma, Latin: Septem montes Romae) East of the river Tiber form the geographical heart of Rome, within the walls of the A ncient C ity...

Atherton is an incorporated town in San Mateo County, California, United States. Its population was 6,914 at the 2010 census is one of the Wealthiest cities in the United States\Atherton (pop. 20,300) is a town within the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, in Greater Manchester, England and historically a part of Lancashire is one of the poorest Towns in the UK..Bill Atherton was the senior manager of Thorn Industries, and was old friends with Richard Thorn.. He was killed when he shelved Paul Buher's agriculture project...

And on the East side, toward the rising of the sun, shall they of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies - (Numbers 2:3)The rabbis say that when Aaron was made high priest he was marked in the forehead by Moses with the figure X - Har grave Jennings..Seqenenre's mummy was discovered in the Deir el-Bahri cache, revealed in 1881... it is not known whether he fell upon the field of battle or was the victim of some plot; the appearance of his mummy proves that he died a violent death when about 40 years of age..2 or 3 men, whether assassins or soldiers, must have surrounded and despatched him before help was available.. A blow from an AXE/HAMMER must have severed part of his left cheek, exposed the teeth, fractured the jaw, and sent him senseless to the ground; another blow must have seriously injured the skull, and a dagger or javelin has cut open the forehead on the right side, a little above the eye.. His body must have remained lying where it fell for some time: when found, decomposition had set in, and the embalming had to be hastily performed as best it might...,_California
http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...rpts/ch41.html Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club -I've never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It'd be good for you. You'd get some fresh air."

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