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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Thanks for that clip Lightgiver, appreciated I wonder if that man has ever been found again? What an 'old school' method the P2's used for ID verification at the bank! It would be very interesting to know how long the P2 has existed - deep in the darkest heart of Roman Catholic territory, no less.. The lodges I'm interested in finding out more about are two other ones that were recorded in Paris and Lyon in 1535 - and said to have been Scottish Freemasonic Lodges. Ignatius Loyoula, one of the Jesuit founders, was hanging around in Paris at the same time - having unofficially started up his Order only the year before, with Fransisco Xavier and others. I am trying to work out if their Order had a connection with the Scottish Lodges in Lyon and Paris - and suspect that the leader of the Prostetant Movement, John Calvin may have also. Another person I am looking to triangulate into the mix is one Joseph Nasi.

The reason I'm looking into it is that I suspect that a pro-reformation lawyer/doctor called Micheal Servetus was killed because of the association that may have existed between the Jesuit Order, Joseph Nasi and John Calvin. I think they were sweeping Servetus out of the Reformation Movement because they knew he would not have acted as an inside pawn on their behalf. On the face of it, John Calvin is known to have had him killed (by dobbing him in to The Inquisition) - but I can't help but shake the idea that John Calvin was in with the Jesuits and Joseph Nasi and that they all wanted rid of Servetus because he was the only other serious contender for the position of philosophical/theological leader of the Prostetant Movement. Basically, I"m trying to establish if John Calvin was the total Jesuit/Askenasi puppet that I think he was!

Thanks the same and if you ever hear about those Scottish Lodges in Paris and Lyon, 1535, I'd be very grateful for a heads up! Meantime I'm still ferreting about and enjoying this thread, Cheers!
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