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Arrow 23rd Son

Nayef, a soft-spoken, stocky man of medium build, was born in 1933, the 23rd son of Abdul-Aziz, the family patriarch who founded the kingdom in 1932 and had dozens of sons by various wives. Much more important, however, was the fact that he was one of seven sons born to the king’s favourite wife, Hassa bint Ahmad Al-Sudairi...Prince Nayef received education at "Princes' School" and from senior ulema (Muslim legal scholars). Additionally, he was educated in diplomacy and security affairs.Tenure 27 October 2011. The Princes' School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was established by Ibn Saud specifically to ensure a high level of education for members of the House of Saud and the children of other foremost Saudis...
In April 2001, he, not Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal, went to Iran as Saudi envoy in an unprecedented move. He issued all women in Saudi Arabia identity cards. Women were previously registered under their husband's or father's name in November 2001. After the September 11 attacks, he received US criticism for not undertaking sufficient action against extremists. Prince Nayef and his full brother and then-Deputy Ministry of Interior, Prince Ahmed, were reported to pay massive bonuses to successful security officers. Between 2003 and 2006, he led Saudi Arabia's confrontation against al Qaeda, which sponsored a series of domestic attacks on expatriate housing compounds, oil infrastructure, and industrial facilities. Prince Nayef, who was in charge of foreign labour, decreed that foreign workers and their family members should not exceed 20 percent of the Saudi population in 2013...
In 2003, he "threatened to cancel certain business deals with the French government" if the narcotics investigation of Nayef bin Sultan bin Fawwaz al-Shaalan continued. Nayef bin Sultan bin Fawwaz Al Shaalan (born 1956) is a member of House of Saud. Prince Nayef served for a time as the Supervisor General of the Saudi Committee for the Al Quds Intifada, which provides aid to Palestinian refugees. He headed the Supreme Council on Information, which oversees the media and regulates the internet.

With his longterm mistress Doris Mangeri he allegedly tried to smuggle 2 tons of cocaine from Colombia to Paris. Prosecutors said he used his private plane to transport the drugs to Paris, via Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, where they were found in a warehouse by local authorities. While Mangeri and another person involved were put to trial, Nayef stayed free in Saudi Arabia...Nayef was educated at the University of Miami, where he lived from the late-1970s to mid-1980s. He reportedly spoke eight languages...
In November 2002, Prince Nayef said, "It is impossible that 19 youths carried out the operation of September 11, or that bin Laden or al Qaeda did that alone. ... I think [the Zionists] are behind these events." He later proposed that Americans visiting the kingdom should be fingerprinted like visitors to the United States. Nayef has 10 children from several wives...

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