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Originally Posted by baron von lotsov View Post
The book I mentioned is one that I have read and I'd say it is mainly a history book covering the period of the Victorians right up to about 15 years ago. It's factual and written by a very intelligent man with an incredible wealth of knowledge and not one thing have I seen intentionally misrepresented. It's a prophecy of what is to come and time has shown it to be spot on. Someone went through it and worked out 97% of his predictions were spot on and the other 3% partially right. That takes some beating though the Icke books early on from what I have read are more diverse and with additional good info. His coverage of the House of Windsor and Black Nobility I can't argue with so read both then, that's the answer.
Well ok, but that's sort of missing my point. If it wasn't for Icke, I might not have made so many incredible discoveries as I have: Nikola Tesla; Val Valerian; Wilhelm Reich, and so on.
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