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Default A Few More Points on Splits & Re-Joins

If we accept the basic premise of David's work then there was a schism. In other words, there was a time BEFORE the schism when both the Archon and Human worlds were separate. Note this implies that the Archon world existed BEFORE the schism. In other words, even during the Golden Age there was still an Archon world operating simultaneously. This means that not everyone was enjoying the Golden Age even when we were in the Golden Age.

It is just they weren't always joined as they are now. At one point the 2 worlds were like 2 radio stations far apart on the dial. They didn't interfere with each other, like now.

If that was the case then why couldn't it happen again? Why couldn't they be separate again? After all, the Archon world is not going away because some people are still going to choose evil no matter what the Truth Vibrations do. It all comes down to choice after all.

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