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Originally Posted by david numen View Post
..Erm, actually there have been rumours doing the rounds about Jimmy Saville that predate the internet so to suggest otherwise either indicates you are lying or incredibly igorant of the subject...
Nope, for 50 years i never heard the slightest whiff of rumour about Saville in any newspaper or on TV or on the net, absolutely zilch.
Heck the Queen even knighted him, and he's regularly had his own TV and radio shows over the years, so surely that'd never have happened if people behind the scenes had thought he was a perv?
And why did no young 'victim' ever come forward to accuse him and get big money compensation, plus more big money from selling the story to the papers?

All I'm saying is that he came through 50 years clean as a whistle, and if there were whispered rumours going around i certainly never saw any, and neither did the vast majority of the Brit people.

Not til he died did i see any rumour, but i still haven't seen any PROOF..
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