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Originally Posted by waymarker View Post
Sure he was quirky but was also a millionnaire, so maybe if you'd said hello back he'd have whisked you off on a caribbean cruise or whatever and you'd be dripping with diamonds by now..

PS- In all the 50-odd years that Savile was on the Brit scene, i never, ever, once heard the slightest nasty thing or rumour said about him anywhere, but the instant he died, out come the knives all over the internet.
The moral for all of us is- once you've gone, people will say whatever they like about you!
Erm, actually there have been rumours doing the rounds about Jimmy Saville that predate the internet so to suggest otherwise either indicates you are lying or incredibly igorant of the subject.

I hold my hands up and say I don't have a clue what the truth is - I found the man slightly creepy as have many others. Yet many have nothing but good things to say about him. Regardless, there have been rumours, innuendo and heavy suggestions that he was involved with necrophilia and or paedophilia. I do believe - and it's evident IMHO from the Theroux doc - that he was well aware of the rumours and for whatever bizarre reason actually played up to them.

He even featured in the infamous "Squidygate" tapes between Princess Diana and her lover. At one point she mentions meeting Jimmy and says "He's a heterosexual you know". Lover laughs and said "surely you mean Homosexual. Hetero is what we do"

To suggest that all this rumour-mongering started after he had died is quite, quite ludicrous.

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