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Basicly it talks about a Conspiricy by the illuminati to Detonate several Nukes in various N. American cities as well as one in Mexico, Canada, and Britian. The code name Blackjack comes from the Card Game in which you try to get a score of 21. Blackjack dates add up to this number, in this case 06/22/2009 0+6+2+2+2+0+0+9=21 is the date the Nukes will be set off at 8:03 AM in each perspective time zone. It's based off numerology, which is very important to the Iluminati. Lunar Cycles are also very importatn and that day is a new moon, as well as the summer Solistice, both of which are imporatnt to them as well.

there's a good bit of supporting Evidenc presented as well, but then again every good Conspiricy theory will proivde such evidence. Is it true? Won't know till 6/22/09
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