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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Fear is very real and is a part of our survival mechanism. Trying to pretend it is otherwise is an attempt to diminish its power by denial. Its not feeling fear that is the problem but being controlled by that fear so you cant act with clarity.

If you stand on a cliff edge you know that one slip and you will die, so your body generates fear so that you wont do it. People who do take these risks still feel fear but have trained their minds to control it.
Because you fear death because science says so
They have stripped us of our ability to rise above fear by stripping us of our spirituality.

Incidentally, in the nag hammadi, Jesus says that not 1 person can ever enter heaven if they fear death, no matter how righteous they have been and served in their lives.

So, you go to the edge of that cliff knowing one slip and you are in heaven.. no fear in that!
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