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Oumuamua does seem quite interesting, it does not behave as an asteroid would especially with it not leaving any trail of debris behind as asteroids do, and its strange path.

An astronomer has said that they think its a space ship and that it is broke, possibly that it has had engine failure (I don't know how they know that as they couldn't of possibly seen it that close to prove it, so its just speculation).

IF it is alien technology though, I hope its not a probe and now that they have flown past earth and seen what shits humans are, that the mother ship doesn't turn up all independence day style (I don't think Trump could build a wall around the earth fast enough or high enough, plus we are definitely finished if he is one of the few that get sent to represent the human race)

A scientist from Harvard has said that if it is alien technology, they are not sure if they will go ahead with any form of communication, as they do not know if they would be hostile or not. It is all a bit pointless though discussing if earth will attempt contact, because they already probably know we are here. I'm sure there are millions of alien civilisations (millions more civilisations then the ones that we know about or suspect exist) and not all would be aware of Earth, but if they are sending probes then that has to be for a reason (unless they are just after the sun).

It makes me wonder if they already think that we are hostile, because sound waves go out to space anyway, they may not go as far as where they think this thing has come from (star system called Lyra I think is what was said). Sound waves, even from things like films could be mis-interpreted (especially films where humans are blasting the hell out of aliens) also they probably see us blasting the hell out of ourselves, and the earth. We are a pretty destructive species. They could also be responding from sound waves sent years and years ago, world wars etc.

I think I heard something that they were going to try and scan it today, to see if they pick up any kind of signal from it, they have said that if they do pick any kind of signal up its not natural.

Personally I think that IF it is anything to do with an alien civilisation, it has probably being flying out of control around the universe for years, possibly hundreds or thousands of years, it doesn't exactly look in the best of shape. Or that it could just be an unusual type of asteroid, even if it is made metal, there could be a natural explanation for it.
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