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Originally Posted by selig View Post
1,500 years of history and this is all they've got to brag about?
Dummy who built those universities before the British "invented" anything. You don't just wake up one morning and start inventing, someone has to lay the foundation. indecently your time-line start in 1250 A.D this is after the African Muslim moors set up 16 universities in Europe. Did you know that the Mali empire built a university in 980 A.D well before any European could read/write. The real question should be who taught Roger Bacon to think?

Also when the French learned of a city in the desert called Timbuktu had untold treasure equating to advance knowledge in science & religion the race was on to find and take by force what ever they unearthed. Indeed the lord works in mysterious ways for the books where taken out of the university and place in the hands of various tribes so when the French turned up to claim the treasure they came up empty handed. Which turned their attention to Egypt and the sphinx. Lucky the 700,000 books where recently united in the ancient city of Timbuktu $ 20 million donated to restore them, the UN made it a world heritage site. The Lord is masterful in his will and protects the innocent from evil and showers his mercy on who he wills.

The Muslims of today are not the same as those Moor Muslims of 12th century two different group of people. Europe repaid the Muslim scholars that help Europe enter the age of reason with war/slavery colonisation, deceit and wickedness.
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