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Its great to hear you are doing well llogan.
This thread is brilliant.

I lost my Dad to cancer a few years back and I wish that I knew then what I do now about the whole issue. I know that the treatment (chemo) killed him.
The medical system is brutal and barbaric.

Last year a good freind of mine, who is heavily into healthy eating, came across a book by Dr Robert Young called Sick & Tired. Its all about the acid in your body, and getting your alkaline ballance right, just like you say.

My friend used to think I was a fool when I talked of the conspiracy and we had many debates, but we always agreed to differ on the subject.
That was until he had read the above mentioned book.
Since then his whole outlook has changed and he is an avid researcher on the conspiracy subject too.

We both do our bit within our own family and friends circle to spread the word, and even though it can be like banging your head against a wall sometimes, we have had some success nevertheless.
I know that people are at last begining to wake up, and the truth about healthcare is a real eyeopener for many, so keep spreading the word and good luck.

Here is a link to Dr Roberts site;
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