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Originally Posted by llogun View Post
My dog started to have fits, everyone said take her to the vets. I said no, I just changed her diet and after a month shy stopped having them.
You just cant believe can you change your food and eat the right things and hey your cured
well I'm going to keep at it llogun because it just feels right in my system and i'm completly hooked on my juicer drinks. i make up around a litre of the magical goo a day, they are too delish for words. I'll ph test myself in a couple of months and take it from there. still have 5 years of trips to the hospital which give off bad energy. I can just smell death in those places and western medicine just treats or works on the illness whether it works or not, for the most does not. I firmly believe that you treat the whole being so illness never takes place in the first place and i feel that the trips to the hospital will not be needed soon. i'll play the game for a couple of visits and doubt very much i will bother going again because it will be pointless.

I've been fortunate in the fact that i've never really been ill throughout my life on this spinning ball. as i've mentioned before on previous posts, germs, viruses etc just seem to bounce off me, i don't get sick. untill last year when everything caved in, all in one week and it spiralled from there. someone mentioned on here on having a corpse in your mouth and that deffinatly has a mental effect on your whole being so the victim/corpse has been removed from my mind which has been a real positive effect.

so thats that big grin for how i feel. on the dog issue. anyone feeding their dogs things like bakers complete or foods with lots of colours..they will mess your dogs head up at best, at worst they will kill your dog fact!

stick to working dog dried foods without the colours/additives. you will save a small fortune on buying those big 15kg sacks(they cost anywhere from £10.00-£50.00p per sack)plus you don't need to give them 3 cups a day like a working dog, one 3rd of a cup is plenty enough to give them all the nutriants they will need. forget the gunk they sell in the supermarkets. over priced, full of crap.. just like the crap they try and fill us up with.

slight hijack on dogs but after dealing with many dominant breeds with ISSUES they can be sorted out so easy with diet. but giving my dog a little of alkaline juiced drinks, her coat glows with health, she shines!

so thanks again llogun,
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