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Originally Posted by bridgetshaw View Post
Where does it say his site has been taken down ? I cant see any reason just asking for donations for his legal fund.

P.S I know, many of us wonder sometimes, why is money needed, and it would be nice if money wernt needed, But unfortunatly, We are living in a monetry system. We all need money to even survive... Even the politicians need money,huge amounts of money for their election campagns. And if say, you were to spend your whole life and every second of your day at work on trying to make real difference. Well, you are going to need money to support yourself and your family. Simple.
He had another website that was taken over and still is active but is run by an NWO operative that the link has his name without the word 'show'.
'I have profound respect for David Icke for speaking his truth without being afraid of any repercussions or what anyone thinks of him. If everyone had one-tenth his courage, the world would be free tomorrow.' - Mark Passio,
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