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Originally Posted by chaste View Post
A really interesting thread. The sort of information you wish had been freely available years ago.

The alkalinity/acidity was something I've never seen before. I'm trying to find out stuff for someone I think might be resistant to making changes in their diet (and, given the hospital dietitician's advice to stop eating diet yoghurt and eat butter and jam, may be sceptical of something that goes against what the 'experts' say) - does anyone think you can make a difference with only some of the measures e.g. alkaline water, bicarbonate of soda, etc., whilst monitoring their pH level?
I don't think that would work every well. You need to be eating alkaline foods primarily and focus on drinks second. But you really need to do both. Ironically, or maybe not, its the alkaline foods we should be eating anyway, and it's mostly the junk foods that are acidic.

One important thing - it's not the pH of the food itself that matters, but rather how it is converted in the body. Raw vinegar is highly acidic, but consuming a little in your diet is alkaline.

There's lots of info on google about "alkaline diets" and many good books on amazon, etc.

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