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Originally Posted by tnt1 View Post
Uh oh they found an ancient fossil of a microbe or something such as that. They've known at least since 77 that Mars was at one time very much like earth. One side of the planet was devastated though as well as one side of many of the moons.
Has anyone else noticed the string of movies that all show a tentacled octopus or squid type being in the movie as if they are trying to show us something.
Oh I really hope it is that tnt!

It seems possible that they have according to this article:

What films do you mean? I can only think of the one with the Heptapods in Arrival. My, that was an excellent film! The Heptapods were awesome. They were really alien, and scary because we didn't understand them and they were HUGE.

It's the best sci fi film I've ever seen in terms of what alien life could be like.

Oh and you can see NASA's live announcement here:

It's gonna be at 6pm or 7pm GMT ( not sure which as different online time calculators give different results).
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