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Cool The Reality of Witchcraft and Magick

When you start to think of reality as a holographic quantum computer construct, more things begin to make sense. So called "witches" and "sorcerers" are actually computer hackers.
 People whom are awake are aware that beliefs literally alter reality. This isn't some kind of supernatural voodoo, but actual scientific phenomenon.
 When you truly believe something, it changes the universe, but you have to actually believe it. That means both consciously and subconsciously. All doubt has to be removed.
 So this leads to spells and magick rituals. If you believe that chanting something will manifest your desires, then you just have to do that and it will work. But sometimes people are smarter (or dumber depending on how you look at it), and require more elaborate actions to make them believe what they're doing will pay off.
 Lighting candles and incense, creating salt circles, and wearing robes. Hopping on one foot and rubbing your belly while patting your head and clucking like a chicken during a full moon would work too, if you were lead to believe that that's what it takes from an authority figure on the subject.
 The way this works goes back to the Double Slit Experiment. Electrons behaved as a wave, up until the point they were being observed, and then began acting like particles. That means reality itself had been changed.
 It was found that time itself wasn't even a factor in how this alteration occurs. By adding the delayed choice factor to the experiment, scientists saw that it was as if the particles had moved back in time to change themselves so it was as if the change had always been.
 Light behaves in the same way. In order to actually see something, you need light. But the thing about light is that it has no mass. This brings us to the so called "god particle", the Higgs Boson. The Higgs Boson particle mediates a field that adds mass to things.
 The combination of light and mass creates literal physical manifestation into the reality system. It's the consciousness and belief system in people that draws the two together and combines them into a tangible object.
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