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Originally Posted by lakes View Post
Back in the time it was not strange to be betrothed at a young age in the UK:

The youngest monarch to marry was David II, who married Joan, daughter of Edward II when he was 4 years, 134 days old in 1328.

The youngest female monarch at the time of her marriage was Mary II, who was 15 years, 188 days old when she married William III in 1677.

The youngest queen consort was Isabella of Valois, who married Richard II when she was 6 years, 358 days old in 1396.

It does NOT make it correct but to pronounce one as a pedophile then you must judge ALL by the same level of thought.
Theres a difference between the Monarchs and Mohammed.

One has a large influence in peoples lives to the point you might die if you criticize him or his ways.

Few, if any, really care what Kings and queens done in the past, nevermind know what they done.
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