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Originally Posted by lakes View Post
Yes it is very interesting....the history of this cult and I will need to research the Shriners!

As to women....from Arabian Society In The Middle Ages, by Edward William Lane 1883

This book has some very revealing chapters....and I would have to now state that Muhammad was not a pedophilia!

In that 'time' it was thought 'normal' to betroth even an infant to another and no sexual union until after the 'girl' was over 12.
As far as I know the Vatican City has an age of consent still set at 12.

While I disagree with the would seem to be of the 'time'!

He was in his fifties, whilst she was six years old...

You can argue that it perhaps wasn't necessarily unusual in terms of historical context, but we shouldn't need 'society' to define right from wrong for us. After all, the whole purpose of 'religion' should be about connection with the divine, not subscribing to the cultural norms of man. I won't detail my point any further because I feel the appropriate conclusions will be made by any right-minded person.

I would therefore have to question the mind-set of anyone who makes no effort to wrestle with these concepts in terms of their own belief system. I struggle to understand how anyone could look at their own six year old daughter and not wrestle with the same dilemmas...

And sadly the truth is that we're all programmed from cradle to grave. The programming in the West is incompatible with the programming of Islam- sensible debate is no longer possible because respective 'truths' are far too ingrained. I cannot see any middle ground. I read a lot of the comments on the video that Zhiba posted, trying to understand both perspectives- see things from both sides. But it's a clusterfuck- Muslims are resistant to Western ideologies and Westerners are resistant to Islamism. There is general agreement in terms of Western foreign policy but beyond that, the beliefs are just too diametrically opposed and way too deeply ingrained.

It was never going to end well.

Reaching some kind of mutual understanding doesn't seem the least bit likely. So what next? Because it's make-yer-mind-up time... it's no longer up for debate- that time has been and gone.

If we're dealing with Dar al-Harb, and we wouldn't be the first nation to find ourselves in that position, then without sounding too 'extremist' myself- it's time to start making some important decisions for yourself and your family. Because I only see things getting worse, honestly.

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