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The oligarchs look for disgruntled sections of society for example minorities and they then use them to attack society itself rather then the oligarchs

These disgruntled vandals have been called 'social justice warriors' in recent times and to the middle class they appear to be full of hate for the people around them

By playing the game of the oligarchs and attacking society itself rather then the el-ites who are actually responsible for colonialism, third world debt, unemployment, austerity, wars abroad etc they end up supporting the 'revolution from above' of the top 0.01% of society who wish to centralise their wealth and their control over society

The hatred of social justice warriors blinds them to the wider threat to society itself. if this threat is brought to their attention and explained to them they respond bitterly with comments about white people deserving it because of vague things like 'colonialism'

This strikes me as a kind of solomonic scene where two mothers are arguing over a baby with society being the baby. The people who have been frozen out of society by the oligarchs are so fed up they don't care if the baby is cut in half if it prevents anyone else from having it

The problem with this approach is that it only empowers the oligarchs and helps destroy the middle which has been the only section of the workers that has managed to rise to a point where it can actually challenge the supremacy of the oligarchs

Social justice warriors are so full of hate that they do not care if they tear society apart; they just want to rage and have allowed the oligarchs to choose how they do it

Their anger blinds them and makes them the perfect tool of the oligarchs who then turn that anger against society itself rather then on the oligarchs who are actually responsible for the plight of all workers around the world eg the richest 60 people now have more wealth then the bottom 50% of humanity and yet the social justice warriors wage war on society and not on those 60 people who have stolen all the wealth
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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