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The NWO is a neo-fuedal movement that wishes to enslave the entire human race under a small ruling class. To achieve that they must destroy the middle class and that is what they are busy doing through various trade agreements such as NAFTA, CETA, TTIP and the TPP etc

The savings of the middle class are being destroyed by low interest rates set by the central banks, jobs are being lost oversees and wages being driven down by mass immigration whislt further jobs are under threat from automation

In countries like the US the middle class is largely white and as a result the cabal use their corporate media to demonise white people in order to turn dissaffected sections of the public against the middle class

As a result of the oligarchs various economic policies there are now many poor and disgruntled people not just in the west but also abroad where the oligarchs have bombed their countries or indebted them to the IMF. This has created many angry people who are looking for someone to blame and the NWO el-ite then point them in the direction of white people who are now being scapegoated for the various crimes of the freemasonic el-ite.

The middle class has responded by voting for donald trump who they have hoped would push back against the various NWO policies which are destroying the US as a nation so that it can be absorbed into a world government (controlled by the cabal)

For the NWO cabal to rule over the mass of humanity it has to get them all to fight amongst themselves. This is acheived by taking the frustrations that different sections of society feel and then directing that anger at the target population which at the moment is the middle class who the el-ite feel theatened by because they perceive them to be politicially sophisticated and capable of running the system themselves without the oligarchs; the middle class is used toa degree of political involvement and this makes them a threat to the oligarchs plan for central control and domination of the system

For example the NWO hijaked female emancipation from household chores (which was actually driven by technological advancements in labour saving devices) and turned it into militant marxist third wave feminism which conditioned women to see not the oligarchs who ran the system as the enemy but men in general; this way men and women fought each other instead of the oligarchs; they called this the 'battle of the sexes' in their media

The oligarchs also stirred up religious tensions between christians and muslims by provoking conflict in muslims lands and by propping up corrupt monarchies in muslim countries thereby preventing the spread of democracy. They then flooded christian lands with muslims to further push people towards a divisive conflict which they called the 'clash of civilisations' in the media

The other tensions they have sought to fan the flames of is between white and black people through for example funding 'black lives matter' and by paying agent provocateurs to create riots and fires and trouble at otherwise peaceful protests in order to fuel tensions. The oligarchs also militarised the police and created a more aggressive and militarised culture within the police whilst changing laws (the NDAA) which made US soil part of the global battlefield (because the oligarchs see the people as the enemy); they also sent police off to israel to be trained in how to control populations that perceive them as occupiers. Meanwhile the oligarchs have pushed narratives in the media and universities that speak of 'white privilege' and the need to 'end whiteness' and of 'european colonialism' and the 'anglo-american empire' to try and paint a target on the backs of middle class white people

All these terms conceal the truth that it is in fact the oligarchs themselves that are behind all the various crimes of history. But in order to turn black people against white people they have to frame the language in such a way as to make black people perceive white people in general as the enemy rather than the ruling el-ites who white people have struggled against for millenia in order to win any of the working conditions and rights they enjoy today
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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