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Default The race war

The idealism of the 1960's ended in the cynicism of vietnam and the manson family murders

Manson and his cult appear to be another MKUltra mind control programme as was jonestown which was famously shut down through a mass suicide event

The manson cult spoke about a race war they called 'helter skelter' and it might just be possible that they had some awareness of a wider agenda

Today as we watch europe being flooded with outsiders by george soros and fake-left minions like angela merkl the words of the coudenhove-kalergi plan suddenly come into sharper focus which involved a plan to create a mix race slave class who would be ruled over by a jewish el-ite (ie the central banking families) and the european aristocracy (ie the black nobility families who are close to the vatican)

Modern day spokespeople for this background plan such as UN migration chief Peter Sutherland have called for the undermining of the homogenity of nation states

There are a number of reasons why the capitalist el-ite would want this scenario. They have already dispossessed the public of most of their wealth through their neoliberal policies and through orchestrated boom and bust cycles and fake 'austerity' but now they wish to break the spirit of the people and this is done through destroying any sense of cohesive identity people have which enables them to stand united with the people around them

To achieve that the central banking cabal have to breakdown national sovereignty and religious identity and any sense of individual freedom in order to create a subserviant slave class
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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