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Smile Your horoscope for June 1 to 8, 2017

Your horoscope for June 1 to 8, 2017

by Rose Marcus on June 1st 2017


The next few days put both Venus and Mars on a setup curve of significance.

Venus opens the month in great shape with Saturn. This straightforward and well-timed planetary pairing can help you to get it signed, sealed, and delivered. When there’s something to say, say it. When there’s something to do, do it. Secure and procure; feel confident and feel justified; legitimize it and make it official. Take your best shot Thursday. Aim to get it under better control, to get yourself up and running, or to get in the good books of the one in charge. Results can hit a fast track.

Stimulus or impetuous stays in high gear thanks to Venus, also on an excitement or edgy track with Uranus, especially through Saturday. This strike-flint, fast-track combination can produce a breakthrough, a sudden flash or find. Enjoy it socially or on your own Friday night.

The sun, the moon, and Jupiter are optimized on Saturday. Give, receive, share. It’s an ideal day for a wedding and romance. It’s also a great day to travel, play, and scout around, and for putting yourself out there.

Running on a much different track, Mars/Chiron can make for a poignant or bittersweet letting go and moving on. Some things are meant to be; some are not. If this is the case for you, trust that there is a higher purpose and better times ahead.

Mars advances into Cancer on Sunday. Looking back and looking forward, it’s an emotional journey. Mars keeps the action going strong regarding home, family, and real estate. Venus enters Taurus and Mercury enters Gemini on Tuesday.

March 20 - April 20

The future is on a good buildup curve as June opens. Venus/Saturn brings a secure sense of knowing where you are going, and it feels good. Friday can be somewhat of a push, but by evening you are on the upswing. Saturday, you could feel blessed. Indulge, shop, socialize, travel, perform, or aim for romance. Sunday, chill out. Tuesday/Wednesday, switch gears.

April 20 - May 21

Venus, your ruler, is in great shape with Saturn on Thursday. This pairing is wonderfully productive/success-generating for matters to do with finances, contracts, and relationship commitments. It also benefits creative projects. Thursday’s cement pour gets a turbocharge on Saturday from Uranus and from sun/Jupiter. Mars into Cancer on Sunday and Venus into Taurus on Tuesday are also a plus.

May 21 - June 21

As of Thursday, Venus/Saturn makes it official. Make a commitment; sign the contract; make the purchase; get started/launch it. Business and pleasure mix well. As of Saturday, Venus/Uranus delivers it (one way or another!); sun/Jupiter shines for you. Enjoy pleasure, play, romance, gift-giving, or moneymaking. Mars leaves Gemini on Sunday but Mercury fills the vacancy on Tuesday. It’s all good; keep going!

June 21 - July 22

Use Thursday to get it straightened out. Venus/Saturn helps you to take the pressure, the work, the reality, or the boss in good stride. Friday/Saturday, Venus/Uranus can kick-start something unexpected. You snooze, you lose. Rapid action is called for. Sun/Neptune can keep uncertainty going or drain you, but look to Mars in Cancer, starting Sunday, to provide a fresh energy boost.

July 22 - August 23

What’s new with you? According to Venus—on the move with Saturn on Thursday and Uranus on Saturday—whatever it is looks successful and exciting. Sun/Jupiter also makes it go click. Saturday’s stars can prompt a big purchase, announcement, or big step. It’s also an ideal day to communicate, market, sell, or celebrate. Sunday to Wednesday, take it as it comes.

August 23 - September 23

Actions, words, and plans are especially well-timed Thursday/Friday. Venus/Uranus bodes well for fresh starts and new ventures. You’ll jump into it just like a duck takes to water. Sun/Jupiter can boost your pleasure, money, and assets, but they can also keep expenses on the rise. Mars into Cancer, Venus into Taurus, and Mercury into Gemini keep the week ahead rolling along.

September 23 - October 23

June opens with Venus on your side. Say it, do it, buy it; go for it big-time; results and prospects are at optimum. Thursday to Saturday are your best for nailing it down or making it official. Social or otherwise, Uranus keeps the excitement factor and the serendipity going strong too. Chill out Sunday. Tuesday, Venus and Mercury move you onto next.

October 23 - November 22

What falls into place for you now paves the way for something new to come in. It should add up to a plus. If it doesn’t look like it in the moment, know you’ll reap good benefit later. Mars into Cancer, starting Sunday, and Venus into Taurus, starting Tuesday, are a plus for mobilizing finances, plans, projects, and relationships.

November 21 - December 21

Thursday can be a painful letting go or a successful step forward. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. Either way, it is adding up as it should. Saturday is mobilizing, opportune, and rewarding. Go the extra; reach out, move it along; make the most of your conversations, activities, and time. Sunday, feel your way along. Tuesday/Wednesday sets you onto a next track.

December 21 - January 20

Venus is a confidence builder Thursday. You can feel a sense of righteousness, and/or a sense of right time, right place. Go get ’em! Even though you may have to give up to get, your can-do or must-do continues strong through Saturday. Sunday diffuses you. Monday onward, Mars, Venus, and Mercury have you back in full swing.

January 20 - February 18

Aim for business or pleasure; Thursday’s conversation, meet-up, look/see, or let-loose hits the nail on the head. Something special to look forward to? A big undertaking in the works? Through Saturday, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter keep the action, opportunity, and excitement going strong. Sunday through Tuesday, Mars, Venus, and Mercury keep you on the move-along.

February 18 - March 20

Something unforeseen or unplanned could fix it, upgrade it, or fit the bill nicely Thursday. Venus/Uranus continues to keep you/it in high gear through Saturday. Saturday is a bonus, feels-good, love-’em-up, or spend-a-lot day. Kick back Sunday. Monday/Tuesday, impulse and spontaneity make the grade. Mars, Venus, and Mercury are good for an energy boost.

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