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Default Your horoscope for March 9 to 15, 2017

Your horoscope for March 9 to 15, 2017

by Rose Marcus on March 9th 2017


Through the middle of April, Venus retrograde takes us through a critical reassessment, especially regarding finances and relationships. Right now, the most important relationship to sort out is the one you have with yourself. Are you at war or at one? Are you hearing an inner voice speaking more urgently? Aim to develop the art of listening, it is the chief asset offered to you by this cycle.

Venus retrograde in Aries calls for you to take the primary focus off the issue or the other and to put it back on yourself. Are you staying true to yourself, to your better interests? Are your actions reflecting the best of you? Are you getting what you want? When in a state of need, fear, or overcompensation, we will act through those filters and tend to override the inner wisdoms of instinct and intuition. This is not a call toward selfishness, although others might label the switch to “me first” as such. Rather, it is a time for a courageous personal regroup.

While Venus in Aries prompts you to break new ground and forge new responses, Mars in Taurus, starting Thursday, loans you more staying power and more consistency. Mars will get you better onto target regarding what is most lucrative or beneficial.

Sunday can be a tough or slow go thanks to the Virgo full moon. Rather than see yourself as shortchanged or done in, see it as an opportunity to make a necessary improvement—or to let it go and move on.

Mercury into Aries, starting Monday, speeds up the process of getting from A to B.

March 20 - April 20

For the next six weeks, Mars in Taurus puts added concentration on finances and on making the most of what you have to work with. Even within limitations, Mars loans you more steadiness and resourcefulness. You may feel done with it, but it may not be done with you. Sunday, do what you can; relinquish the futile struggle. Some things cannot be fixed.

April 20 - May 21

While Venus travels in reverse motion, as of Thursday Mars hits Go in Taurus. Together, they aim to get your attention better on the target and to supply you with enough fuel to put a move on it. Sunday’s full moon brings an opportunity to fill in a missing blank, to correct, fix, or heal. You may have to give up to gain.

May 21 - June 21

Venus is now on a social pullback. As of Thursday, Mars prefers quality over quantity. Together, they suggest out of sight—or off doing your own thing—is the best use of your time through Sunday. Thursday/Friday can be quite productive. Sunday’s full moon can deflate or deplete you. There may be unwanted extras, or health to deal with. You’re only human!

June 21 - July 22

Venus retrograde puts you under added pressure to come up with or adjust to something new, but its not an easy thing to do. Allow time to feel your way along. Mars into Taurus, starting Thursday, gives you something more tangible to go on. Friday is your better day. Saturday/Sunday, it’s hard to get a good handle on it.

July 22 - August 23

Over the next six weeks, Mars in Taurus will help you to make better strides. First, there’s Sunday’s full moon to get through. Do as much as you can on Thursday/Friday while the getting is good. Ease up for the weekend. Something inconvenient or unexpected could set you back on Sunday. Mercury into Aries, starting Monday, puts you on the upswing again.

August 23 - September 23

Thursday/Friday, take full advantage of time and opportunity. Saturday/Sunday could be write-off days. Mercury/Saturn and the full moon are building up to something, but you might not see it coming. Accept what is, work with what you have, relinquish the rest. Control or containment is difficult, at best. As of Monday/Tuesday, Mercury into Aries puts you back in action.

September 23 - October 23

With so many planetary influences in Pisces right now, it’s easy to get lost in your day or in your process. Building to Sunday’s full moon, Mercury/Saturn can water down your effectiveness, keep you uncertain or in the dark. As of Monday/Tuesday, Mercury in Aries helps you to be quicker on the uptake. Venus retrogrades sharpen your skill at observation and objectivity.

October 23 - November 22

Mars into Taurus, starting Thursday, pushes you to chase the money down and/or to get it under better control. A social or personal involvement can give you a run for it too. Venus retrograde keeps you searching for more and better. Saturday/Sunday, let yourself off the hook. Things have their own sense of timing. By next Friday, you’ll have worked through plenty.

November 22 - December 21

As of Thursday, Mars in Taurus can help you simplify and/or make better gains on what has been giving you a run for it of late. Through the weekend, the full moon can keep you guessing or stressing. Watch for a natural progression to give you better clarity or options. By Monday, Mercury is on a better cut to the chase.

December 21 - January 20

Thursday/Friday can see you accomplish easily and well. Communication and social connection are on a good flow too. The full moon could put a damper on the weekend. Take it as it comes and don’t dwell on the negatives. As of Monday, Mercury is on the upswing. The week ahead is prime, put it to good use.

January 20 - February 18

Relationships and activities run smooth on Thursday/Friday. Saturday/Sunday, the full moon can put you under extra strain and/or bring up something unexpected. It’s a chance to get it fixed, cleared away, or healed. As of Monday, Mercury into Aries sets you onto a faster upswing. Tuesday/Wednesday, stay flexible; consider more options; take it as it comes.

February 18 - March 20

The work is well done Thursday/Friday. The play also nets good reward. Blow off steam this weekend in a healthy way. By Sunday, you may not be able to hold back on speaking up or out. It’s good to get it out in the open, but try not to let resentment or frustration get the better of you.

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