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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.
Epilepsy a real mystery until you read one of David`s books and then everything makes much more sense.

Caused by a disturbance of perception rather than an actual physiological change
– Altered body image (Ex: big buildings look same size as person’s own body)
– Distorted perception of size (micropsia, macropsia)
– Distorted perception of the shape of objects
– Loss of spatial perspective (sense of time and space)
– Auditory or tactile hallucinations

From the link.
My daughter had 2 seizures in 2006 when she was 2 and was diagnosed with simple partial seizures. She was treated for a year and weened off the medication. Ever since she still have terrifying episodes where she sees things getting bigger or smaller. She also says she feels like she is flying when this happens. Im guessing she is feeling like the room is spinning. We've been in the car when this has happened And she grabs onto her car seat like she is falling. Her pediatrician hasnt been concerned at all with any of this. Most of the time she has been sick when these things happen but not always. She is almost 8 now and recently it has been happening again. She is very scared and says she feels like she is in her dream and is terrified of her own voice. She has mentioned hearing voices from her dream. She has night terros almost every night and I have a very hard time snapping her out of it. I'm waiting for her neuroligist to call me back with an appointment but just wondering if anyone else has had this experience.
Temporal lobe epilepsy and the paranormal.
Yep I had this when I was young big time,too scared to tell anyone about it at the time.
Running on sponges and getting nowhere fast,it happened in dreams too.
Time speeding and slowing,loud rushing noises getting closer and closer,an echo like shouting when talking and something in the other room,out of body experiences and on it goes.

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