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Originally Posted by totallybonkers View Post
Interesting experiences, I find when strange things happen for the first time it scares me, obviously. Afterwards I review it so to come to terms with it's existence, then I'm cool. Then the next time, I first try to regain my composure knowing now the fun starts, so I try and ask questions of it, I always tell the "thing" to go away if it has evil intentions or not here for my benefit. Then as the situation diminishes or I want it to go away, I imagine a strong white light beaming down on me from above. I may even ask for "angles" to come to "protect" me.
All that might sound a bit barmy but it's the way I take control of the situation.
No that doesn't sound barmy at all, that's pretty much what I do too. You can ask your angels to surround you with healing light and visualize yourself In a protective bubble to keep everything out
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